James ("Roan") Weimer (walker_evans) wrote in c_j_studios,
James ("Roan") Weimer

Actual Stuff

First off, my apologies for the lack of posts.

Some of you may know that fellow jockey Kevin Horan was invited to go out to California for a venture capital convention. Although we here at CJS only had two days' warning (he left Sunday and his mom -- who invited him -- told him on Thursday), we managed to get some basic information for him and he's out there even as I type, promoting us and making contacts for future projects. Or drinkin' and whorin'. Either way.

In any case, I've volunteered to be the "on-call" guy, to supply information and whatever Old Stumpers needs while he's goin' back to Cali -- so I'll be lax on posts for the next week, until he gets back. Then expect posting to return to as normal a schedule as it's ever really been.

And -- so this isn't a wasted post...

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